Sharing our Passion to RePurpose and ReDesign

Dani's Act Two

I graduated from Michigan State with a BA in Advertising and a Minor in Public Relations I thought I was completely capable for a life in the corporate world.

Landing a dream job, I found myself frustrated with the constraints of the corporate world. I quit my job, packed my bags and headed to Chicago to find my creative outlet.

After a bit of job hopping, I realized I could never truly be happy unless I could be my own boss and be appreciated for who I am and not who I needed to pretend to be. Trust me, trying to tone down this personality is no easy task...just ask my husband...

After some long conversations with my mom, pitching the idea to my hubby and lots of vino, the decision was made and the dream came into fluition. We (mom & I) were going to take a leap of faith and hit the road to bring our passion for providing a superior, refurbished product to those who appreciate the craftsmanship of older furniture.

Loving every moment "working" with my best friend, adoring the people we meet along the way, these TTG's are realizing our leap of faith was a true blessing.